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Track Mounted Straw Blowers

Increase your reach with a track mounted straw blower capable of accessing remote job site locations with extreme terrain. Our straw blowers come in a variety of sizes which can all be mounted to Terramac® rubber tracked crawler carriers which give off just 5.1 PSI fully loaded. Track mounted straw blowers are utilized for ground coverage on seeding projects along pipeline right of ways, ponds and much more, and are favored for reducing environmental damage throughout the duration of projects.

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Finn B 70

For your not so Big Straw Blowing needs. This little Giant will tackle your Project.

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Big Bale Mulcher on Track System

We offer the BIGGEST AND BADDEST mulcher on the market, the BBM 200 which will blow 30 tons of straw per hour; Capable of processing all sizes of square and round bales.

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Finn B260 Strawblower

Designed for the maximum in performance and operator convenience. With the highest material capacity in the industry (up to 20 tons/hour), the B260 will handle the toughest material, yet continue to perform at high levels of both production and dependability.

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Haybuster 2100

The 2100 Balebuster is semi-mounted, making it easy to maneuver and back into tight places. It is a side discharge that is self-loading, and only requires one person to operate.

Spreads straw up to 40 feet for excellent erosion control. Preventing accelerated soil erosion and minimizing sedimentation is a primary concern for farmers, making the 2100 the perfect solution.

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Haybuster 2564

Straw Cannon

The straw cannon will shoot straw mulch up to 100ft (30.5 m) dependent on wind and product. It works well for slopes and those hard to reach areas that are not easily accessible. Works best off the right hand side. The easy to operate, in- cab joy stick controls make distribution a breeze.

3-Foot Curved and Enclosed Curved Spout

The three foot (.9 m) curved spout can be rotated 360 degrees with the in-cab joystick control. It distributes mulch out to 60 ft (18.3 m) where and however dense you need it.

The 3-foot curved spout will spread straw almost the same distance as the straw cannon, and has a number of different ends to aid in distribution.

Without a Spout:

Using just the transition without any spout is useful in areas where distance (0 to 40 ft (12.2m)) is not an issue.

An adaptor can be attached to the fan transition so that a 25ft (7.6m) or 50 ft (15.2m) hose kit can be used to manage mulch for those smaller jobs that require precise application or where the processor cannot enter.

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Strawblower 2564

Processing bales for erosion control the 2564's newly designed fan, spout and discharge conveyor combined with the live floor in the bale chamber makes this a must for larger projects.